Summer Room Refresh

Summer Room Refresh

Summertime in the NW is so lovely, especially when it’s sunny! We’ve had amazing weather lately.

We get quite a bit of sunlight (all year round) through the large windows in the back of our house, which definitely impacts how we decorate.

In fact, as we begin our second summer here in this house, I’m feeling inspired by all the sunshine to make a few changes in our living room! I guess I’m kind of on a roll lately; the sun must really be inspiring!

You might have caught a little peek at the chaos and what I’m working on in my  stories this week, but not to worry, I’ll explain it all on the blog very soon.

Do you get inspired to make any changes in your decor while the sun is out?

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Summer Decorating Inspiration

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Summer Decorating Inspiration

Summer Decorating Inspiration

If I had a big enough covered porch, I’d want it to look exactly like this.
I saw this photo in Better Homes and Gardens and jumped up and down screaming with joy (in my mind, that is). It’s my dream. The shingles, the furniture, the door, the porch ceiling. I love it all!

Summer Decorating Inspiration

This little arrangement is perfection, too. 

Summer Decorating Inspiration

This mint green kitchen almost made me change my mind about my kitchen colors (yes, I’ll share more of my plans and the timeline soon!). I had to tell it to STOP BEING SO CUTE, it was making my inability to make a decision so much more of a challenge. 

Summer Decorating Inspiration

I am in LOVE with that lamp (but if I set it on a table like that and Jack walked by, it would crash into a million pieces). This whole color scheme feels so summery and pretty, though, I might risk it. 

Summer Decorating Inspiration

The wood trim on that door opening has me feeling all the heart eyes. Oh, and the window seat. And the shiplap, of course. And the unique design of the coffee table. And the fan. OK, I’d take the whole room.

I see that some of you have kids going back to school already (it seems so early!), but my son doesn’t go back until September so we are still in full “summer” mode here.

In past years I’ve found myself heading off to a Better Homes & Gardens event or some other blogging event around this time of year, but this summer I made a commitment to myself that I’d stay home (or only leave town with my family) the entire summer.

Even though I hate to miss out on all the fun and seeing my blogging buddies, summer can get so busy when you add extra trips and activities into your schedule, even if it is something you’d really enjoy or benefit from. I have to say I don’t regret saying “no” this summer to so many things. It’s been SO nice to be home.

Besides hanging out with my family (which has been wonderful!), I guess you could say I’ve been totally into “summer nesting” mode. I don’t think I’ve ever been in “summer nesting” mode before, or at least I’ve never though of summer as a season for nesting. But somehow this particular summer, slowing down and nesting has just felt right.

I’ll share more about nesting, my decluttering spree and my kitchen timeline coming up, but for now, enjoy this late-summer nesting, I mean, decorating, post.

What’s going on around your house?