The Tale of the Chalkboard

The Tale of the Chalkboard / 

Thought y’all might like to see how festive my chalkboard is for the holidays (excuse the grainy pic, I grabbed this photo from my phone).

It’s festive alright! But in case it helps anyone out there who is maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to keeping all of the holiday expectations in the air, so to speak, I thought I would mention a little something.

This chalkboard board literally had fall leaves drawn on this board since LAST YEAR.

I know.

Not fall leaves that we just drew on the chalkboard a couple of months ago fall. No, no. FALL LEAVES WE DREW LAST YEAR in the fall. As in 2016 Fall.

So that means we had fall leaves on our board in:

Christmas 2016

Winter 2017

Spring 2017

Summer 2017

Fall this year … again (note my logic that if you keep a season up long enough, at least you are totally on your game once a year).

So yeah. Don’t let your chalkboards don’t define you or tell you who we are.

The Tale of the Chalkboard

I know I had our tree up at Thanksgiving. Maybe that made me feel accomplished at the time. But remember, we also had fall leaves up on our chalkboard at Easter.

And if it makes any of you feel even better about the state of your holiday preparedness, our house is literally pitch black outside.

We were trying to install a new porch light and something went amiss. So when I say it’s dark, I mean not only do we NOT have Christmas lights twinkling up the dark, but NONE of our outdoor lights or porch lights work.

Our house is probably actually scaring the neighbors right now. They must think we are members of the Scrooge family.

But y’all. I’m just gonna OWN IT. It is what it is. I’ll walk inside with my HEAD HELD HIGH saying OUR LIGHT COMES FROM WITHIN. LOL!

So I clearly do not have it all together, but I’m going to make myself cozy by the tree anyway and just enjoy the season we have in front of us (and I hope you do the same, no matter what it looks like on your chalkboard or from the street, for that matter).

Hope you all are having a cozy Wednesday!

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Winter Charm DIY Snow Globe (A Video)

I‘m so excited to finally show you guys this darling Christmas video! It brings to life a classic Christmas project, the DIY snow globes in my book . Y’all know that if I’m going to do a DIY craft, it better be easy and turn out adorable with minimal supplies or power tools involved. :) That’s what I love about these charming snow globes!

This year I’ve really been savoring the process of gradually decorating my house for Christmas. Every day I add a few more moments of festive spirit all throughout the house. I’m keeping it simple as always, but I’m loving how magical the whole house is feeling! I can’t wait to share my Christmas house tour with you here on the blog. If you didn’t see my tour and Christmas video last year, you can see that here.

Whether you prefer to keep your Christmas decor subtle or you enjoy going all out to create a holiday wonderland, I hope you remember that your Christmas can be exactly what you want it to be.

You’ve heard me say there isn’t only one way to decorate and now I’ll add, there isn’t only one right way to decorate for Christmas.

Winter Charm DIY Snow Globe (A Video)

If you’re keeping it simple this year with a few Christmas touches here and there, enjoy that! You can make the season special through fun experiences, warm drinks, festive music, Christmas cookies, wintery scents…whatever inspires you. Christmas spirit doesn’t have to come from your decorations!

If you’re wanting an extra dose of that magical Christmas feeling in your home, then go for it! Hang up a few extra strands of twinkling lights, add a Christmas tree to your bedroom, make paper chains, paper snowflakes, or a DIY snow globe!

Whatever your holidays look like, I hope they bring you joy and many happy memories.

Happy weekend, friends!

Winter Charm DIY Snow Globe (A Video)

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