Authentic Living

Authentic Living

Love Your Home

As a busy homemaker who juggles many things in life right now, I am always evaluating how I can have a home I love, without sacrificing what matters most to me.

I really can’t do it all, myself. I have to find an authentic style and way of living that works for me. I have to find and use simple decorating ideas. My home may not look like the cover of a magazine, at least in this season of life, but I’m OK with that.

I have to admit:
I’m NOT a DIY Diva.

My lack of DIY skill has probably been pretty clear to anyone who has read Onerror for any length of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love fixing up my home and decorating as much or even more than the average DIY gal. But I just cant DO IT ALL, all by myself.

I’m trying to live in the moment, embrace what I have around me right now, and find contentment and beauty in the life I have. I’m no Martha Stewart. I know I can’t keep all of the homemaking plates spinning at once and I know what happens when I try. Someone’s going to get hurt when my plates come crashing to the ground. It is not a pretty sight.

But how do I decide which plates to spin?

That is the process of learning to live authentically.

If you are weary from trying to live up to the Martha image of a perfect homemaker and are looking for hope of a more balanced but still beautiful life, I invite you to join us here at Onerror.

My goal is to inspire you to embrace simple pleasures, find contentment with what you already have and share everyday tips to make the life you have more beautiful.

Authentic Living

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Authentic Living