Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}


My name is Larysa Michaels and I’m the creator of Onerror, a decorating blog designed to help you love the home you have. I was honored two years in a row, 2015 and 2014 to be voted the Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger at Better Homes & Gardens magazine! I am budget conscious but also appreciate good design and a well-kept home. I don’t think you have to have one without the others!

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

I love to invite readers into my own home (we recently moved into this 1950s cottage we are remodeling into a white brick cottage with a unique blend of coastal farmhouse character. Our kitchen is recently remodeled (see the transformation here). I previously remodeled and added character to our new construction Craftsman home, which was featured in ). On the blog I share regular inspiration and helpful tips for decorating, homemaking and organization in every room, including a variety of posts on topics like how to decorate, or to get inspired when you are in a slump, how to organize a home and keep up with homemaking. I share simple things I’ve learned along the way, like my four daily routines or how to fall in love with your home.

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

My books

Over the past ten years, this blog has had one mission: to inspire women to create an authentic home they LOVE. I believe when we love our home, it inspires our life! I’m a wife and mom of both humans and fur kids, I have a growing business and busy volunteer schedule. I know how hard it is to juggle all of our plates without at least a few of them crashing to the ground! But as I’ve learned to love the home I have (even though it isn’t perfect!), I have found I have more passion and energy for everything else in my life.

I keep things very simple! I’m DIY-challenged and always on a budget, so if I can figure out a way to do decorate or organize my home without a lot of time, stress or money, I will. I love sharing my journey and passion for the home with my readers. I hope you’ll join us!

In case you are wondering, in my day to day life I live with my family in the city of Seattle.

I’m so glad you are here!


Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

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I am the author of:

– The New York Times Bestseller Love the Home You Have, released March 2015 ( or 

– Onerror, released November 2015 ( or )

– Make Room for What You Love, released May 2016 ( or )

– Onerror Coloring Book, released July 2016  or 

– Simple Decorating, released April 2017  or

– Simple Gatherings, released October 2017  and

– Simple Organizing, released April 3, 2018 –  // 

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}Kitchen Details

Partnerships & Publicity:

While this blog has grown and spread its wings over the years (now reaching 600,000 people and over one million page views a month), my focus and passion has remained the same. I’m thrilled by all the opportunities to share Onerror’s mission.

I’m humbled to have been recently voted in the top five editor’s choice awards for best decorating bloggers at Better Homes & Gardens, as well as voted the number one fan favorite decorating blogger at Better Homes & Gardens in both 2015 and 2014.

My previous kitchen remodel was featured in a five page spread in the November 2014 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, photos of my home and interviews have been featured in numerous newspapers, several national home magazines, podcasts, radio shows and other publications.

My current kitchen remodel was featured in a six page spread in the 2018 Small Space Decorating issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

My Seattle home was also featured in an eight page spread in The Cottage Journal 2018 Spring Edition.

For advertising opportunities site wide or to receive our media kit, please email [email protected]

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

My Kitchen in Better Homes and Gardens 2018

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

My (Previous) Kitchen in Better Homes and Gardens 2014

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

8 page spread in The Cottage Journal – Spring 2018

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

My Previous Home’s Kitchen Remodel

Writing Elsewhere:

In addition to writing at Onerror, I am on the original writing team with , and have contributed to sites such as and Ann Voskamp. I have written for eBay, LifeStorage, My Colortopia (by Glidden Paint) and have been a speaker for such fabulous conferences as Haven, Blissdom, and Relevant.

Brand Connections:

I’ve worked with major brands such as  Target, Lowe’s, Ebay, Serena & Lily, Mohawk, West Elm (an Etsy Pop-Up Shop!), Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart, Samsung, KitchenAid, Glidden, Home Depot, Dash & Albert, World Market, Pier1 Imports, Select Blinds, Kohler and many more.

Featured In:

Better Homes & Gardens, American Farmhouse Style Magazine, The Cottage Journal, The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Oprah Magazine, Domino Magazine, Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn,, Cottages & Bungalows,, Family Circle, Cupcake Magazine, Called Magazine, Belong Mag, The Seattle Times, The Oregonian, The Kitsap Sun.

Interested in working together? See info and contact me here!

You can find my Instagram pages at:

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Check out my home tours and posts, below:

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

Seattle House Tour

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

Craftsman House Tour (from my !)

See all of the previous house tours here.

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

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Testimonial via 

  • “…I tried to picture what I would want my house to look like if I could decorate it any way I wanted. Not thinking about money or other people’s opinions. And guess what was the only place I could think… I Googled:“how to decorate your home like Anthropologie.”Lo and behold, Onerror popped up. Right away, I was hooked. I could love Larysa for the simple fact that she lives in the Northwest, but I loved her even more when she talked about living authentically. Not striving to have a home like something out of a magazine, but a real, lived-in, loved-on home. Where you feel comfortable and those that enter your home do too.She told me to ignore the “rules” of home decorating and use the things I love. She gave me permission to paint my family room ruby red (if I wanted, which I don’t). She told me I could hammer a nail in the wall to hang a picture… even if I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted it there the next week.  And she said if I didn’t like something, I could change it. Imagine that!She unlocked the chains of my decorating bondage ;)I experienced home-decor freedom for the first time in my life! hee hee.But let’s be real here, or should I say, authentic. It was more than just the freedom to decorate how I wanted.  Reading that blog gave life and inspiration to someone who had been missing for so long. It was about learning who I was again. Learning how to live authentically, in my home, as myself.  And with that, creating a place where my family feels comfy, loved, and safe.”

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

Onerror {Top Decorating Blog}

NOTE: Onerror® brand is a legally registered trademark. This means that you may not use Onerror or any variation of that name in a way that could be confused with me or my business, such as your own decorating business or blog. I am required by law to defend my trademark, so if you are in doubt, check with an attorney or email me to ask about the use of any similar name.