10 Questions & Answers about My Bamboo Blinds and Curtains

10 Most FAQ Bamboo Blinds and Curtains Onerror

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Helpful post with lots of pictures of bamboo blinds and window curtains

How you dress your windows can transform a room and give it a completely different feel! Window coverings add a new design layer as well as bringing texture and personality to your home. I receive quite a few reader questions about the bamboo blinds and curtains in my house, so I thought today I would answer a few of the most FAQ!

Question: I am looking for window shades and saw your other post and this one (family room bamboo blinds and guest bedroom blinds). Did you hang these roll ups from the rod or install them on the wall? I am hesitating on the inside/outside  mount or using a rod until I decide! The bedroom looks perfect!


Master Bedroom Update 2015

Answer: The blinds in the guest room (top) and in my bedroom (above) are both outside mount roll up bamboo blinds that are mounted directly to the wall. The roll up blinds are from Lowe’s, and they come rolled up in plastic and are called “HOME”  Style Selections (they have a bright green label that says Bamboo Rollup Shade).The blinds come with hooks attached and they are extremely easy to hang directly into the wall.

They are best suited for windows with no trim molding or fairly flat molding so the trim doesn’t interfere with how they hang. I hung the blinds almost to the ceiling in both rooms to make the windows appear taller than they are, as I do with most of my curtains as well. In deciding what size of blinds to get, I made sure that they were slightly wider than the window opening. There are some varieties of blinds that can be cut down to a custom size so check with your local store.

In the guest room, as you can see in the BEFORE pic at the top of the page,  I have only ONE MEASLY window. But the wall of curtains makes the window look grander than it really is and makes the room so cozy! I’ll explain the curtains in a bit.

bamboo blinds the inspired room family room

The bamboo blinds in my family room and kitchen were ordered online (the post with details on ordering the exact blinds online HERE, plus get a 40% discount on your order). They are my absolute favorites. They are an inside mount, which means they fit inside the window frame. Because my window trim in those rooms is pretty and the windows have nice deep sills, it made sense to go with inside mount. I measured my windows to order the exact right sizes of blinds. They are cut to your specifications.

Tortoise Bamboo Blinds Inset Mount

Question: When you have a wide window or set of windows like your family room, is it all one blind or several?

Answer: The family room has three individual blinds with three individual headers, basically they are treated like three separate windows hung side by side. The weight of trying to hang ONE huge bamboo blind across all three windows would make it very difficult to open and close, so three separate blinds works much better.

The blinds on the slider in the kitchen operate separately but have one header. So you can open and close each side independently but they look more cohesive with the one header. Our doors are tall enough that they don’t interfere with walking under them.

NOTE: If you place an order for ANY window coverings from Select Blinds, be sure you use my special link  for the best possible discount! Plus if also put in my code INSP1RE5  you’ll receive an *additional* 5% off the very best price offered anywhere!


The kitchen window above the sink has one blind that goes all the way across with one header.

As you order the blinds, they make recommendations when you put in your measurements so if you aren’t sure on what you need you will likely receive advice.

They were easy to hang directly on the under part of the top window frame.

Bamboo Blinds Add Character to a Kitchen

Question: Are bamboo blinds good for privacy?

Answer. You can order blinds with liners that would block out more light and offer more privacy. Mine don’t have a liner so some light can get through and you can see through a bit. But for our situation, perfect privacy or light control isn’t an issue.

Question: Do the blinds roll or fold up?

Answer: The kitchen and family room are like roman shades, they fold up in layers. The ones in the bedrooms roll.

Question: Do your blinds have cords?

Answer: Yes, they do. If I was going to custom order again I would probably pay more attention to the options on cords because I think you can change which side you want the cord and and there are probably cordless or continual loop type options. I didn’t even really think about it and ordered in a hurry on my phone. It’s not a big deal to me but I would definitely consider options next time!

bedroom bookshelves

Question: Did your guest room curtains come from Target too? If they are I wondered if you had any problems with the design lining up. Also, how many panels did you use for your window? Is there a good rule on how many panels should be used for larger windows? I love your blog and your home is gorgeous!

Answer: Yes, the curtains in the guest room are from . I ordered six panels, three for each side of the room. I like my curtains to look full and the Target ones were pretty narrow and not real thick fabric. Since I have so many panels, you can’t tell if the design matches or not!

Cozy guest room and home library

Question: How did you hang the curtains across the guest room? Is it a custom rod?

Answer: We used one standard curtain rod from , in the longest extendable length they had. We hung four brackets and strung the curtains in between them and then fluffed them up around the rod so you can’t see the brackets or the rod at all (except for in the very middle). The end brackets were hung a few inches from the end of the wall to allow space for the finials (which keep the rod from slipping out of the bracket, but you could just use a rod without finials.).

Easy DIY No Sew Ikea Extra Long Curtains

Easy DIY No Sew Ikea Curtains 

Question: So for the curtains in your family room and dining room, why did you use a short stationary rod instead of a functional curtain rod?

Answer: My window trim is pretty. In the family room I just didn’t want to add another distracting “line” across the wall since we already had pretty trim around the room. Also, the curtains are just to soften and warm the room and are not necessary for warmth or privacy in those rooms. In the dining room it goes all the way to the ceiling with crown molding. If I put a rod all the way across, it would have gone right across the trim detracted from the pretty molding.

long family room curtains

Answer: Where did you find the extra short curtain rods? Are they custom?

The rods in the family room are just extra short standard rods at their smallest length. I specifically chose rods with small gold toned finials rather than anything large or flashy so they didn’t distract attention from the molding.  The rods in the dining room are actually the cheapo white tension cafe rods, secured by the window molding and wall. They are hidden so you really can’t even see them.

Onerror Dining Room Console and Ikat Curtains

Question: How do you decide how long should curtains be?

Answer: For me it depends on what the curtains are made of and the style as well as what the style of the room is. In the dining room the curtains hang just to the floor. The fabric is a heavier weight and wouldn’t work or look right to “puddle them” on the floor. In the family room we added that soft subtle ruffled bottom to it puddles a little, and the white curtains in the living room (below) are softer fabric as well so I don’t mind if they puddle just a little bit. It’s all personal taste. Once in awhile like in my office my curtains are too long and I am too lazy to hem them. So, there’s that.

Onerror Entry updates

Question: How high or wide do you need to hang curtains?

Answer: This varies with the style of curtains, window sizes and height of windows and ceilings. Generally, I prefer to make my windows feel as large as possible so I hang my curtains high and wide. But while hanging curtains high and wide is a general good rule, it can also make the proportion of your room and window look funny so always think about your own room before you apply the rule. If hanging curtains really high will make a crazy big blank wall space above your window, you may want to bring the curtains down a bit otherwise your windows may end up looking dwarfed and awkward instead of larger. Hanging curtains as wide as possible while still being on the outer edge of the window is a great way to let in the most amount of light.

Navy Blue Home Office - Onerror

Office Post, See newer office progress here and here

Much of the time decorating is about using your eye and deciding what looks in the room and best to you, not about following a standard one-size fits all rule.

PHEW! That was a long post, but I hope I answered some of the lingering questions on the curtains and blinds today!

If there are some questions I failed to answer, feel free to ask away!

NOTE: If you place an order for ANY window coverings from Select Blinds, be sure you use my special link  for the best possible discount! Plus if also put in my code INSP1RE5  you’ll receive an *additional* 5% off the very best price offered anywhere!

10 Most FAQ Bamboo Blinds and Curtains Onerror

Have a great day, everybody!



Thank you for posting this!! I often see pretty window coverings and wonder exactly how they implemented the look. We have large, pretty moldings in our home, too, so I appreciate seeing how you worked with it, without covering them up. Love your bamboo shades and your beautiful home!

Oh, your windows do look so nice. I love your curtains too. I’ve been looking for some bamboo blinds in a length of 81 inches. Trouble is at that length I can only find verticals, which I don’t like! Anyway, yours are lovely.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Great review on window coverings. Since I sew a lot of them, I really enjoyed the post. I may use this post when working with clients on helping them decide what type of coverings to use and how to hang them. I am also a big proponent of hanging them high. There’s a lot to be said on the subject but it does boil down to “the eye”. Thanks for your thoughts on the topic. Always inspiring!

I have used bamboo shades and combined them with sheers to use texture in the room and it works great. The only issue I have is privacy however. I live in a development and I think I will have to do drapes with them.

Thanks for sharing this. It really helps me to see how you think when you make decisions about windows. We ordered bamboo shades from Amazon for our dining room. I was scared they wouldn’t be right without seeing them first, but they are perfect and cost less and had better color selections than Home Depot.

Since window treatments are my thing, I really enjoyed this post! I like to hang drapery panels outside the glass area when possible too. Definitely makes the windows look bigger. I don’t like the look of hanging the drapery pole as high as it can go, the blank wall space between the pole and the top of the trim bothers me. I think it looks better to have a faux shade in that area to cover up the blank space. Great post!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! “If hanging curtains really high will make a crazy big blank wall space above your window, you may want to bring the curtains down a bit otherwise your windows may end up looking dwarfed and awkward instead of larger” or a large window on an 8′ wall adjoining a patio door on a vaulted wall, or a funky half-bay arrangement with 2 windows too close together to hang anything above them at all without having a custom curved rod designed. I have all three situations (the funky windows in my dining-room-turned-office have casual grommet curtains on a rod inside each window. Frustratingly, most Hanging Curtains 101 articles and designers who swear by them don’t recognize that there can and should be exceptions to the rule, and even fewer seem to have the courage to say it ‘s all “in the eye”. The section on blinds was pertinent too, as I need both privacy at night and sun protection during the day on some windows but I don’t want to block the light during the day – still working on that. Love the bamboo blinds.

Oh yes, I’ve seen that rule lead to some pretty awkward looking windows! There are always exceptions so I think it’s best to just think about what actually looks right and pleasing in your own room. :-D

Thanks for the post… very useful info and tons of it! I’m in the process of reprinting my living room and changing up my window treatments so I found this very helpful!
Warm regards,

Good post. I put up some of these shades recently and installed them by myself. It was fairly easy to do.
They have a good selection at Home Depot also.

Thank you for answering these questions and generally for opening your beautiful home to us. Last spring I was at a loss for what to hang in my kitchen window. The setting sun was always too strong for my eyes as I prepared dinner, but flowing curtains on a rod just didn’t work with the rest of the room. I was following your blog through your kitchen renovation and just at the right time (for me) you posted about the new bamboo blinds over the sink. Aha! I went out and bought some immediately. They went up easily and have been a perfect solution for that window ever since. I inside mounted them and they look super. Thanks for the inspiration! Your blog is a lot of fun.

It thrills me to see inspirational decorators such as yourself using bamboo blinds. First, I love that they are so affordable! But more importantly, I love the texture they provide. They are great to layer with curtains, and they just add a cozy feel to a room. Thank you for sharing this great post.

Great information! Your house is truly lovely! I love the look of bamboo blinds but just wondering if anyone has the same problem I do with the roll up ones. When I roll them up after a while they go all crooked and wonky on me and I have to get up there and basically pound them back into an even rolled up state. So any suggestions????

Hey Larysa, this is such a great post! I have always struggled with window treatments! I’ve been using the bamboo ones, just like you have in your house and I love them. For me the question has always been to curtain or not to curtain. But now, after seeing how you did the curtains on your one small window in the guest room, I’m totally in love with it! I can’t wait to try it out in my living room! I think this could be the answer I’ve been searching for!

Love this post. So informative. I have a mild obsession with roman bamboo blinds, with all the texture and layering they add to a room. Love hearing about what choices you made and why.

I love your style and all the ways you used window coverings! I am wondering if you can help me with our situation–we live in a 30s bungalow style home. All our windows have large metal radiators directly below them that extend past the width of the windows. We do have beautiful custom radiator covers over them, but I struggle to know what to do about curtains. I love the look of long floor length curtains, but it won’t work in our case. I’ve considered just bamboo blinds without curtains. Any suggestions?

What if your windows are longer than the standard 72″ for premade bamboo shades. Would you special order to fit the entire length or is it even necessary? Do you ever unroll them all the way? Thanks!

I have a large picture window in my living room that has a flanking functional window on each side. The total length for the entire “window” is 10 ft and it faces a busy street. Currently, I have pinch pleated pull drapes that are hung directly on the casing ( Ug!). When pulled open the picture widow is exposed but the side windows are obstructed, making them useless. Running under the entire wall is base heating so the drapes hang about 6″ below the bottom of the sill. Any ideas to help dress this window(s) that offers privacy and some thermal insulation as it is a North window too. Thanks so much!

Larysa, this is so timely for me. I was looking at possible window treatments for our new home today. I am considering a matchstick blind like I had in my previous master bedroom, but it is up or down and I might need light control so that only gives me two options, blinds or shutters. It is a dilema I would not have anything on my windows if I did not need light control. This was a great post, thank you!!

Could I use those bamboo blinds on my french doors? I would think I could attach the, directly to the doors. The blind would stay up all the time for them ide that has the door handle on it.

Love your ideas, one question regarding bamboo shades for sliders. Wonderful idea using 2 shades. My question:
Which is better and stronger, will be opening and closing alot, roll up or fold up. Also I am planning on using a gauze type material in curtains.

Hi Barbara,

My roll up was very light weight and was hung with simple hooks. It was pretty easy to roll up and down because it was so lightweight. The fold up type that we used on our sliders is heavier duty, hung with more sturdy brackets, but the material is also heavier to raise and lower too. Still pretty easy to use though! Definitely would want to hang them within the door frame or on the outside of a wood frame for maximum stability when you raise and lower them. I think you can get liners for those too so it will black out for privacy, but I’m sure that makes them even heavier!

Kitchen remodel’s just finished and I’m focused on the windows. Bamboo shades would be perfect aesthetically. Although I have a range hood and there’s minimal grease build-up over time, there’s enough that I anticipate having to remove the blinds every couple of years to remove that build-up (and all the airborne dust that sticks to it). Any observations about the grease issue on bamboo and any recommendations on cleaning?

What would you recommend doing for a guest room with a tall single hung window on the far left wall as you enter the room?

I have a large picture window in my livingroom 85×96 inches. My usual drapery company told me they wouldn’t recommend woven blinds on this window bc the tension of pulling up large/heavy blinds up and down will likely fray/break the cord quickly. Have you found this to be true?